FROM THE ARCHIVES OF ACOA FOUNDER, DR. JANET WOITITZ, author of the seminal “Adult Children of Alcoholics”

Dear Friends, Just found this beautiful interview clip of Dr. Jan w Changes Magazine: timeless as always!!! Love, Lisa


CHANGES: Do you apply the disease concept of alcoholism to co-dependency?

DR. JAN: Absolutely not. And I can’t emphasize that strongly enough. You see, if it is a disease then you are sick. And if you are sick, you have to get well I don’t call children of alcoholics diseased, I call them remarkable. We see people living through situations which continue to overwhelm me even in the telling. What we see is that many of the behaviors that people now would call diseased or sick were adaptive. They were ways that people found to survive situations they could not have otherwise survived.

CHANGES: Suppose one of these behaviors it the development of alcoholism. Would you consider that adaptive?

DR. JAN: No. Alcoholism is a disease We can talk about alcohol abuse being adaptive to stress or people using substances in order to set up an emotional demilitarized zone. But that’s not alcoholism.”

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